Superhuman Extraordinary are people who overcome and endure the test before them.


Humans have roamed the earth for countless millennia’s.  They have built vast empires, established great civilizations; and, mastered the fate of the world.  Human history is filled with individuals that accomplished great works, from the Egyptian Pyramids to landing on the moon.  We believe that each human has the capacity for extraordinary feats not because of special abilities or great talents, not because of physical strength or genius intelligence; and, especially not because of super natural power or mutations.  It is because each individual has the innate ability to be the best in all they do to overcome and endure the test that is before them even though the odds may be against them –

This is Superhuman.


Founded in 2013 in San Diego, California, SuperHumanEx is more than a brand name, it is the voice that expresses these superhuman abilities.  We stand behind any ordinary individual who has performed extraordinary acts or deeds in their own way, from accomplishing a goal to volunteering their time to help others.

SuperHumanEx stands proud behind the superhuman acts of the many men and women who serve and protect us, our United States Armed Forces, Police officers, Fire Fighters and Paramedics.  They have selflessly dedicated their lives to save us, protect our rights and our freedom.


Our filmed and written stories are inspired by the greatness of these Superhuman acts.  We want our message to exemplify SuperHumans abilities and accomplishments, from the minute to the grand and from the impossible to possible.

You are SuperHuman.




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