A TRUE WARRIOR AND FIGHTER. Cancer patient that inspired allot of people.

Individuals that performed extraordinary acts of, courage, and passion. Have the innate ability to be the best in all the things they can do; to overcome and endure the test that is before them; these are the SuperHumans.



Isaac Martinez

“He is the brave and courageous one.  He is a true warrior and fighter.”

          Isaac was first diagnosed with leukemia in October of 2007. He was 3. He fought through 3 years of chemotherapy and had to adjust to a new way of life. On January 9th 2015 he was admitted to the ER for some health issues. Our worst nightmare became a reality on Tuesday the 13th of January. 1 year away from being considered cured of cancer we found out Isaac relapsed. The cancer came back.

         So here we are today. Fighting again. This time the treatment is shorter but way more aggressive. We pretty much have to start from scratch. Treatment plus monitoring puts him at 17 years old when he is considered cured. He will be 11 next months. He is a true warrior and fighter. Isaac has been such an inspiration to so many people.

        I work for the fire department and he inspired a group of i guys work with to run the San Diego rock n roll marathon in all of their gear. People often tell me I’m a hero or that I’m brave and courageous…I tell them they haven’t met my son Isaac. I get paid for what I do…he got forced this hand. He is the brave and courageous one. I pull strength from him.

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